Best Of: Refreshments


Whether you’re hosting a party, or just chilling at home, these beverages come highly recommended by our users.  Can’t go wrong sipping on any of these refreshments !

The Balbas Reserva earned 93 points from Wine Spectator, so that should give you even more confidence that our users’ tastes synch up with official tasters.  Both of these red wines are recommendations from the West coast (California), so check for availability where you live & drink.

The New Belgium Spring Blonde is highly recommended for spring & summer seasons – a beer that “feels light enough for summer, but not lightweight like many other golden beers.” The Spring Blonde should be readily available at many of your retail beer distributors.  Blue Point Toasted Lager is a smooth red ale, first posted as a tip on Tried&Liked out of a Virginia establishment called Delmarva’s Southern Cafe & Taphouse.

We think you might like some of these recommendations.  Of course, once you download the Tried&Liked app and/or setup an online account (both free), you can start sharing & receiving product recommendations from your own network.  You’ll have a better chance of  discovering something you like if recommendations are coming from people you know.

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– Tried & Liked Staff


Best of: Things to drink, snack, & watch!


As we like to say, just one recommendation from a friend matters more than a thousand random reviews.   These are some of the featured recommendations from our users to their friends.  If you’ve tried some of these products, you’ll likely agree.  If not, search, find, and give them a try.  You might discover your next favorite product!

Feel free to leave your comments.  You may not like everything, but let us know if these friendly tips have been useful.  Of course, once you download the Tried&Liked app and/or setup an online account (both free), you can start sharing & receiving product recommendations from your own network.  You’ll have a better chance of  discovering something you like if recommendations are coming from people you know.

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– Tried & Liked Staff


Why use Tried & Liked?

Yes, Tried & Liked is a product discovery platform (SEE); yes, it’s a product recommendation platform (TELL); yes, it lets you poll your peeps (ASK);  yes, you can bookmark your favs (WANT); yes, brands may ultimately value (& reward) your input.  We can describe our many features and benefits in many ways.  But, that’s not why we built it.

We built Tried & Liked to capture word of mouth.  A fun, easy way to help friends share what they’ve found, tried, & liked.  We consumers rely on reviews.  And, we all know the downside of random, unqualified reviews – regret, waste, refunds, exchanges!  You can’t make a quick, easy decision from reading a bunch of positive and negative reviews from unknown people.  After all that reading, you’re back to square one.  The most valuable tips come from people you know – recommendations that matter.  And, you don’t need many – just one tip from a friend can eliminate guesswork, or introduce you to your next favorite product.

Tried and Liked makes recommendations visual, relevant, timely, search-able, and accessible in your pocket.  That’s the bottom line.  

So, go ahead – find and share that favorite new wine, the coolest gadget, kid’s favorite toy, a recipe from Pinterest, a deal from Groupon, a better dentist, an efficient tile guy, a friend’s jewelry portfolio, etc.  Express your passion, spark a trend, surprise & delight your friends, and find something new.

We hope you find new ways to use it in your daily lives.  When you do benefit from a Tried and Liked post, share it with your network, then tell us about it – either on our Facebook page, or in more detail as a guest writer for our blog.

Stay passionate, helpful, & in-the-know,
-Tried & Liked Staff

Spark The Tipping Point!

One of our inspirations

One of our inspirations

First of all, if you haven’t read The Tipping Point, go and check it out. Whether you’re into sales, product development, marketing, an inventor, an analyst, or just generally into human behavior, this book is worthwhile.

When things go from nothing to becoming a trend, then becoming a phenomenon, to becoming known by the masses, there is always a tipping point behind it. There is also an identifiable reason or time period that stands out as the point the makes things go – making something out of nothing.

Usually, tipping points are heavily dependent on people. Certain people are wired to always share information. Certain people are intensely passionate – so much so that others around them can’t help being inspired or convinced. A lot of people are passive, but consume and apply new-found information well.

It was The Tipping Point, plus a lot of our own consumer experiences, that helped provide the inspiration for designing and developing Tried and Liked.  Concepts in The Tipping Point beautifully summarized how trends start, then spiral into big movements. What we wanted to capture was how consumer ‘tipping points’ could develop from our daily decisions.

We noticed that a couple of people who enjoyed selecting, trying, and serving new wines could start local trends in our small circles, and eventually lead to stores stocking more of the same wines (coincidence?!)  We saw how families discussed and reviewed restaurants when they met, and then either qualified (to try) or disqualified a new restaurant based on friendly opinions.

We noticed how new Moms relied on their friends to ask questions about best-in-class kids’ products to save time and money.  We know how word-of-mouth helps people find better doctors, dentists, and handymen.

Friends at a dinner talked about movies they recommend on Netflix or Redbox.  Similar experiences with SUVs, appliances, laptops, and cameras piled up from our daily lives.

But, all of this was done verbally or using one-on-one emails and texts. People either forgot what their friends mentioned, or things they wanted sold out by the time people caught on.  Friends wished they had gone with what we bought, instead of wasting their time and money on something else. Plus, there was nothing to reference, and none of the advice was with us when we actually needed it.

So, the many daily scenarios in our own friend circle, plus the great examples within The Tipping Point, led to a very clear vision of how Tried & Liked could serve consumer interests  – first, by just enabling digital word of mouth; and then, by potentially unlocking the secrets to enable smart and focused businesses to reach and reward their passionate customers.

And, now, we seek our very own tipping point.  Our ‘word of mouth’ app very much needs its own word of mouth.  We believe in organic marketing, so the success of Tried & Liked is very much dependent on its users.  Each new person finding weekly or daily benefits can influence their networks, and ultimately, cause a tipping point so that all can benefit.  So, tap into your pockets of influence – SEE what they know; TELL what you know; ASK your peeps; build your WANT list!

Stay passionate, helpful, & in-the-know,
-The Tried & Liked Team

Trusted opinions = No-brainer decisions

Everyone will agree that word of mouth is the best way to discover anything new.  Your friends and others whose opinion you trust, might drop trustworthy nuggets about things like:

* the new bar that has great happy hours
* new frozen appetizer at Costco
* favorite value vacation spot
* where to find deals on tires
* favorite new Cabernet
* best/safest baby stroller
* a better dentist than the one you have
* etc, etc, etc.

Word of mouth has existed forever, and most people exchange their positive consumer experiences verbally – often leaving product discovery to chance and memory.  But, people are talking and e-mailing less; instead, they’re texting, browsing, checking apps.  Our eyes are on smartphones and tablets; our busy lives requires simple, instant information.

You and your friends share recommendations because you’re either passionate about a new favorite product, or because you’re just helpful (or both).  We help you bottle up all of this wisdom and passion, and make it available in your pocket.

* Look up that wine on your Want List next time you’re at the store 
* Rave about that great book, and let your reader friends benefit 
* Help a new Mom with her car seat decision
* Go for a deal because you already know the featured restaurant is good

Use all of this new-found wisdom to make no-brainer decisions in your everyday lives.  Save money you would have spent on a bad choice.  Eliminate wasted time on research.  Who needs 100 good and bad reviews from strangers on a website, when you have three gadget buddies who use and recommend a proven DSLR camera?  They know more about cameras than you could ever read, and you know they’ve done their research.

Your pocket is suddenly full of recommendations and ideas from people you know.  So, TELL all, SEE more, ASK away, and WANT it all on the Tried&Liked app.  Whether you’re a passive browser, or passionate maven, everyone can benefit.

Stay passionate, helpful, & in-the-know,
-The Tried & Liked Team

(Note:  The Tried & Liked app is a free Lifestyle app for Apple and Android smartphones; you can also use it at your PC or tablet via the Tried and Liked website.  Originally developed and tested in Beta (May 2012), and now redesigned, simplified, and ready for prime time.)